⚾ Choose your own adventure ⚾

🐔 In the eyes of a chicken who LOVES cricket... In a world of ice-cream...🐔


You, love cricket.You also love ice-cream. Hence why you live in ice cream village!! You feel as though you need to do a sport to stay fit. You need a new hobby other than eating ice-cream. You decide that cricket would be great! Unfortunately for you, there is only one cricket club near you. Why unfortunately, you ask? Well, this cricket club doesn't like chickens. They are... Chickenist...

Although, there is a way to make the team... They tell you that if you receive the Sacred Cricket Ball

you can make it into the team!!
To receive this ball, you need to go on a long, tiring adventure. Are you up for it? If so, click Dora. If not, leave and never return. You are not welcome here... Just... click the giving up image to leave.

I give up. Adventure time.